Thorough cleaning of screw conveyors


Van Beek recently designed and patented an innovative screw cleaning system called SpeedClean, a concept that drastically speeds up and improves the cleaning of screw conveyors. Hygiene standards for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and meat and food processing industries are continually being tightened. The cleaning of machines is a priority in these sectors to meet all the stringent hygiene and aseptic requirements. Producers are continually and carefully striving for higher-speed cleaning methods to save costs and safeguard against possible claims. The SpeedClean is simple but revolutionary because in one vertical movement the screw, including bearings and seals, lifts into the cleaning position.

Users normally clean machines under high pressure or with steam in combination with cleansing products and disinfectants. A commonly used technique for saving costs in the process industry is ‘cleaning in place'(CIP), where machines clean themselves automatically from the inside out. CIP is difficult to apply to a screw conveyor, a task which is normally very labour-intensive, since not all the parts are fully accessible. SpeedClean was officially introduced in October 2014 at the Industrial Processing trade fair in Utrecht where it won the award for innovation.

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