Industry 4.0 makes Dino smart

industry 4

There are various terms for describing a bulk truck loader that transmits a signal itself if a component is not working properly or if maintenance is required.

‘Smart industry’, the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0; call it what you will Van Beek has come up with a way to rejuvenate its longstanding Dino bulk loader by giving it a wireless monitoring system.

Smart industry simply means that sensors collect and transmit all sorts of data from a machine so that action can be taken based on these data. “Now we often sell a Dino and usually we do not
get any feedback about the operation of the machine. As a result, this can now change,” said Mark Jonkers, who is investigating for Van Beek how smart industry can be used on the Dino.

Jonkers is in the last phase of his Mechatronics studies at Avans Hogescholen in Breda, the Netherlands, combining mechanical engineering, electronics engineering and ICT. This area of study
arose because there is a growing need for personnel with enough knowledge of all these areas to link them together.

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